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Show or Hide Fonts in Windows 11

A font is a graphical representation of text that may include a different typeface, point size, weight, color, or design.

In Windows 11, you can install fonts for only your account (current user) or for all users on the computer. After installing fonts, they are available to all apps on the computer.

You can uninstall a font when you no longer need it if wanted.

You can also hide and show fonts as needed without uninstalling the font. Hiding a font can be useful when you want to keep the font but don’t want it appearing in apps.

If you have multiple added languages, you might not want the fonts from the other language to appear in apps unless you switched to that language. In this situation, you can hide fonts based on your input language settings.

This tutorial will show you how to show or hide fonts for your account in Windows 11.

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