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Enable or Disable Diagnostic Data Viewer in Windows 11

Microsoft uses diagnostic data to keep Windows secure and up to date, troubleshoot problems, and make product improvements as described in more detail below. Regardless of whether you choose to send Optional diagnostic data, your device will be just as secure and will operate normally. This data is transmitted to Microsoft and stored with one or more unique identifiers that can help us recognize an individual user on an individual device and understand the device’s service issues and use patterns.

The Diagnostic Data Viewer app lets you review the Windows diagnostic data your device is sending to Microsoft, grouping the info into simple categories based on how it’s used by Microsoft.

You must download and install the Diagnostic Data Viewer app before you can use it to review your device’s diagnostic data.

Before you can use this tool for viewing Windows diagnostic data, you must turn on data viewing.

This tutorial will show you how to enable or disable Diagnostic Data Viewer for all users in Windows 11.

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