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Caps Lock

How to Turn On or Off Narrator Caps Lock Warnings while Typing in Windows 10

Narrator is a screen-reading app built into Windows 10.

Narrator lets you use your PC without a display or mouse to complete common tasks if you’re blind or have low vision. It reads and interacts with things on the screen, like text and buttons. Use Narrator to read and write email, browse the internet, and work with documents.

Starting with Windows 10 build 18272, Narrator will now alert you when you are accidentally typing with Caps Lock turned on. The setting is on by default.

It will work even if you have character echo option (“Hear characters as you type”) disabled, and it will work in edit fields as well as password field. By default, Narrator will always alert you regardless of presses of the Shift key as you type alphabetic characters. But you can choose to only be alerted when you press the Shift key together with an alphabetic character, or you can disable the feature altogether.

In this initial release, the sound effect you hear will sound like the standard Narrator error sound effect which Microsoft is working on improving.

This tutorial will show you how to change when you receive Narrator Caps Lock ON warnings while typing for your account in Windows 10.

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