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How to Paste as Plain Text from Clipboard History in Windows 10

When you copy something on your PC, it’s automatically copied to your clipboard for you to paste. Not only can you can paste multiple items from your clipboard history in Windows 10, but you can also pin the items you tend to use all the time and sync your clipboard history to the cloud.

Often you can press the Ctrl + Shift + V keys instead of Ctrl + V to paste any copied text as plain text without any formatting included. Not all apps support using Ctrl + Shift + V though.

Starting for some with Windows 10 build 21318, you will now see a “Paste as plain text” option in clipboard history (Win+V) that allows you to paste the text content of the clipboard without its original formatting (font, color, size etc.), allowing it to match the formatting of the destination document.

This tutorial will show you how to paste text as plain text from any text-based entry in your clipboard history in Windows 10.

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