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How to Turn On or Off Sync over mobile data with Windows 10 PC from Your Phone Companion app on Android phone

You can connect your phone and computer to get texts, photos, and more on your PC. Link the Your Phone app on your PC with Your Phone Companion to get started.

With Your Phone Companion, you can easily sync your Android phone to your Windows 10 PC for instant access to everything you love on your phone, right on your PC. Text messages can be found with ease, and you can finally stop emailing yourself photos.

Starting with Windows 10 build 18908, you can now sync your photos, messages, and notifications over mobile data without having to connect your Android phone to the Wi-Fi network.

This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off sync over mobile data in the Your Phone Companion app on your Android phone with the Your Phone app on your Windows 10 PC.

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