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How to Change Refresh Rate for Mixed Reality Headset Experience in Windows 10

Mixed reality blends real-world and virtual content into hybrid environments where physical and digital objects coexist and interact.

The Experience options setting gives you the ability to change the Windows Mixed Reality performance settings for your headset display. This enables you to choose the best possible experience for your hardware configuration across a range of content. The 90Hz experience is available to all systems, but you might want to try out Automatic first, to see which setting you prefer.

If you choose Automatic, Windows Mixed Reality will determine and choose the best refresh rate experience for your PC’s hardware configuration. For most people, this is the best choice to start with.

If you choose 60Hz, the refresh rate of the headset display gets set to 60Hz, and some mixed reality features will be turned off, such as video capture and preview in Mixed Reality Portal.

If you choose 90Hz, the refresh rate of the headset display gets set to 90Hz, and some experiences and PC configurations might not run as well if your PC doesn’t meet requirements.

This tutorial will show how to change the refresh rate of your headset display for the best Windows Mixed Reality experience on your Windows 10 PC.

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