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How to Turn On or Off Auto-Restore News Bar when Minimized in Windows 10

The News Bar app brings you the latest news from the Microsoft News network of over 4500 of the world’s most respected journalism brands. In addition, you can configure it to provide you with up to date information throughout the day on your favorite stocks.

Microsoft’s Windows News Bar works just like the Windows Taskbar. It’s there when you need it, where you need it and how you need it. Customize its appearance in settings to find the experience that’s just right for you. If you want to focus, don’t worry, you can minimize the News Bar at any time and then bring it back when you’re ready for it again.

You can select to have the News Bar automatically restore after two hours, after eight hours, or never when you minimize the News Bar to an icon on the taskbar.

This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off auto-restore the News Bar when minimized to icon on taskbar for your account in Windows 10.

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How to Maximize and Restore App Window in Windows 10

Maximize allows you to enlarge a window to fill the screen. When a window is maximized, it cannot be moved until you Restore it.

Restore or Restore Down will resize a maximized window back to the size it was before maximized.

This tutorial will show you different ways to maximize and restore an open app window for your account in Windows 10.

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