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How to Turn On or Off Get even more out of Windows Suggestions in Windows 10

Occasionally when you restart the computer or sign out and sign in to Windows 10, you may see a Get even more out of Windows notification screen to suggest ways you can finish setting up your device.

These suggestions include services powered by your Microsoft account:

  • Set up Windows Hello
  • Link your phone and PC
  • Do more across devices
  • Get Office 365 ready
  • Protect your files with OneDrive

Starting with at least Windows 10 build 18945, a new “Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device to get the most out of Windows” on/off setting was added to the Notifications & actions page in Settings for this.

This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off the Get even more out of Windows screen at startup with suggestions to finish setting up your device for your account in Windows 10.

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