My new WPF videos were just published in MSDN Brazil (in portuguese). Although they are geared towards the Windows Application Developer certification (70-511), it’s worth taking a look at them, because they contain may useful tips. The videos are:

  • Asynchronous Processes – With the popularization of multicore processors, it’s very important that our applications use this resource. This video will show how to desing the program in order to create processes that run in parallel, thus using the multiple processors in the machine
  • Using Drag & Drop in WPF – One of the resources for data interchange is Drag & Drop. This video will show how to develop an application that allows dragging and dropping
  • Globalization and Localization in .net – When your program ust run in many countries, you must design it in a way it can change its interface easily to adapt to the new country. This video will show how to design a localized application
  • Integration between WPF and Windows Forms – The introduction of WPF doesn’t mean that Winforms is obsolete. This video shows how you can embed WPF controls in WinForms programs and vice-versa and how these two platforms interact between them
  • Security in .net applications – When you develop an application, you should know what the OS allows in terms of security, or the program will fail when it tries to execute an operation not allowed. This video shows the Windows security resources and how you must design your programs to work fine with security restrictions
  • Application Settings in .net – This video shows the application settings in .net and how to use them
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