New version of Bordecal.ImportsSorter add-in available

Once I actually started using my imports sorter add-in from the Larkware 2005 Developer Tool Programming Contest on a semi-regular basis, there were a few things that started irritating the heck out of me (and were presumably worse for everyone else). Finally found a bit of time to fix and test things, and a new version is available for download here, with updated documentation here. The new stuff includes:

  1. Option to not display the imports/using block after sorting.
  2. Option for duration to display the imports/using block after sorting, if display is enabled.
  3. Removal of whitespace from between imports/using directive lines. (This avoids an irritating problem with extra trailing lines that occurred when re-sorting the imports/using block with inter-group lines inserted.)

If you use the add-in and find a problem, just give me a shout at

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