New version ( of Bordecal.ImportsSorter available

There’s a new version of the Bordecal.ImportsSorter add-in available for download. This new version allows shortcut keys to be permanently assigned to the configuration and/or sorting menu items via VStudio options. The hashes for the new MSI file are:

MD5: f89f3c1bfa2a40adbb67315de8fef148

SHA1: c54803ba3392ca68ca29fd4dc9b4b359606f46c7

4 thoughts on “New version ( of Bordecal.ImportsSorter available

  1. Hi,
    your tool is as simple as useful!

    I have a question: after I reset VS settings, the contextual menu item of ImportsSorder disappears. How could I restore it?


  2. How are you resetting your VS settings? Also, have you tried unloading and reloading the add-in via the Tools…Add-in Manager dialog?

  3. After installing Linq preview, I made a
    devenv /setup
    devenv /resetuserdata
    devenv /resetsettings

    to restore intellisense smart tags.
    I tried unloading and reloading add-in, but the contextual menu item does not appear

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