CodePlex project for Bordecal.ImportsSorter

I’ve been getting a small but steady trickle of requests for new ImportsSorter features and source code availability, so I created a CodePlex project for it a while back at  Given that it took me almost two months to get around to writing a teensy little announcement about it to post here, there’s probably good reason to expect that it might take me a while to actually implement any new features. 😉  However, if you want to request one, is the place to do it. If you can’t be bothered to wait around for me to add your feature, … Continue reading CodePlex project for Bordecal.ImportsSorter

Why I won’t be kissing that TOOD

I’ve frequently wondered why it is that folks that very heartily embrace a particular software quality attribute seem to lose all interest in any others. Now, if you’ve read any of my other postings, you’re probably wondering what right a security wonk like me has to be casting aspersions on the hue of anyone else’s kettle. Well, the truth is that, while I happen to be very interested in security, that interest doesn’t mean that I necessarily value security over other quality factors. It simply means that I want to know how to evaluate and implement security aspects of software … Continue reading Why I won’t be kissing that TOOD