CodePlex project for Bordecal.ImportsSorter

I’ve been getting a small but steady trickle of requests for new ImportsSorter features and source code availability, so I created a CodePlex project for it a while back at  Given that it took me almost two months to get around to writing a teensy little announcement about it to post here, there’s probably good reason to expect that it might take me a while to actually implement any new features. 😉  However, if you want to request one, is the place to do it.

If you can’t be bothered to wait around for me to add your feature, you may wish to grab the source code from  Just a little warning: it’s in need of a fairly major clean-up, and you’re pretty much on your own until I find some time to do that…

2 thoughts on “CodePlex project for Bordecal.ImportsSorter

  1. If you add the feature request, and it doesn’t end up getting too many negative comments, I might eventually get around to it… 😉

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