The magically disappearing start page

Off on a bit of a tangent this morning… I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Visual Studio start page. I do find it useful enough when I first open VStudio. However, once I start working on anything, the mere presence of the start page tab in the IDE main window is really, really irritating to me for some reason. Of course, given that even one little using directive out of place also drives me to distraction, this probably isn’t too surprising. At any rate, the other day, I decided that it was high time to do … Continue reading The magically disappearing start page

FxCop backlog themes: Disposition and finalization

I skipped ahead a while back with my post on the exceptions theme, and it’s time to get back on track with stuff that would usually precede that rather involved topic during an FxCop backlog cleanup project. The good news with the disposition and finalization topic is that its scope is quite a bit narrower than the exceptions topic. The bad news is that you’ll probably see almost as many preconceptions regarding how it works, particularly if you have quite a few developers who are accustomed to deterministic finalization. As with the exceptions topic, it’s probably a pretty good idea … Continue reading FxCop backlog themes: Disposition and finalization

FxCop is case-sensitive. VB is annoying.

With profound apologies to VB lovers, there are a few features of the VB compiler that occasionally make me want to start drinking at a very early hour of the day. Perhaps the most troublesome of these is its failure to start screaming bloody murder upon detection of namespaces that differ only by case, even while compiling an assembly that is marked as CLS-compliant. VB 2005 is at least kind enough to conserve the casing from the source code. However, VB 2003 seems to more or less randomly pick one case version and apply it throughout an assembly, and that … Continue reading FxCop is case-sensitive. VB is annoying.

FxCop backlog themes: Exceptions

Since I started monitoring traffic on this blog a little more closely about a week ago, I had the unexpected surprise that the posts on HTML encoding and server vs. client cultures were getting a lot more hits than I expected. I had been planning on starting a series of “how to” posts on those topics this weekend, but that was before David Kean from the FxCop team was kind enough to direct a bunch of folks my way with a post about my recent FxCop posts. Since it would seem that I’ve now got quite a few new subscribers … Continue reading FxCop backlog themes: Exceptions