The magically disappearing start page

Off on a bit of a tangent this morning…

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Visual Studio start page. I do find it useful enough when I first open VStudio. However, once I start working on anything, the mere presence of the start page tab in the IDE main window is really, really irritating to me for some reason. Of course, given that even one little using directive out of place also drives me to distraction, this probably isn’t too surprising.

At any rate, the other day, I decided that it was high time to do a little something about that start page annoyance. At some point in the medium-ish future, I might turn Bordecal.ImportSorter into Bordecal.ToolsForObsessiveCompulsiveNitPickers and throw in a start page closer. In the meantime, here’s a VStudio 2005 macro to close the start page as soon as any document is loaded in the IDE.

For those of you who are interested in using the macro, here are a couple of picky details:

  1. The start page will be closed when any document is opened, regardless of how it was opened. If you open a solution that has open documents, that’s good enough to trigger closing of the start page.

  2. The start page will only be closed once. If you reload the start page manually, the macro won’t close it on you.

The above are completely intentional features–that’s exactly how I personally prefer the start page to be closed. If you would prefer some alternate behaviour, please feel free to ask. I’m quite willing to consider adding customization of the behaviour when I eventually get around to adding this stuff to an add-in…

2 thoughts on “The magically disappearing start page

  1. It’s a bit easier than that. Tools + Options, check “Show all settings” (lower left), Environment, Startup, At Startup = Show empty environment. I love a clean slate.

  2. I’ve known about the option for quite some time, but completely preventing display of the start page is not the behaviour I prefer. Instead, I actually want the start page to be shown when VStudio loads, then I want it to disappear as soon as I choose to open any solution/project/file in the IDE. I know, this probably seems a bit weird to most folks, but it’s my personal preference, whatever it might say about my relative sanity, etc. 😉

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