Some FxCop rules for VB

We’ve got a rather large VB code base at FinRad, at least some of which we would like to migrate to C# in the nearish future. Because of this, we have created several custom rules that are intended to detect issues in VB code that would cause problems when migrating the code to C#. However, while attempting to assign categories for those custom rules, we quickly realized that each of them had merits besides portability of the code base, and that we wanted our assemblies to abide by these rules regardless of whether or not they might eventually be ported … Continue reading Some FxCop rules for VB

FxCop backlog tools: FxCop

If you’re considering tackling an FxCop backlog, you’re going to need a few tools. Obviously, the most important of these is FxCop itself, but that still leaves you with a potential choice to make between stand-alone FxCop and Visual Studio Static Analysis. If your target code base is built against .NET 1.1 or if you’re not willing/able to shell out for Team Edition for Software Developers or Team Suite, the decision is pretty trivial. However, what if all your developers already have Visual Studio 2005 editions that include static analysis? You’ve paid for it, so your first instinct will probably … Continue reading FxCop backlog tools: FxCop