While disposition stuff is on the brain, there’s another disposition topic I’ve been wanting to write about for a while now: handling disposition of objects of nebulous ownership. The issue of nebulous ownership creeps in whenever you use any sort of complex creational pattern. If you instantiate an object by invoking its constructor directly, it’s pretty clear that you are its owner (unless, of course, you’re deliberately handing it off to other code). If that object happens to be disposable, then you can (and should) safely dispose it when you’re done working with it. But what if you obtained an … Continue reading IMightBeDisposable


For some odd reason, I’ve been authoring quite a few disposable types lately. Under normal circumstances, this would hardly be worth mentioning, but the recommended disposition pattern has been grating a raw nerve quite some time now. At best, it feels like a slightly nasty code smell to me. Due the volume of recent implementations, I’m starting to feel like I’m hanging out next to a sewer. I suspect that I’m starting to slip toward ignoring the guideline in favour of what I would consider a better practice, and I’m hoping that a little bit of venting might postpone that, … Continue reading Dispose(ohNotThisNonsenseYetAgain)