Got “companyweb” prompting you to log in?

This one has been bugging me for a while. Nice shiney SBS2003 Premium and the network clients can happily access the companyweb intranet site. When we introduce a W2K3 terminal server into the mix though, whenever we go to access the companyweb it prompts for a username and password. Hmmm – check event logs, security permissions etc etc but nothing makes sense. Even played around with ISA despite knowing this couldn’t be part of the equation. In chatting with some fellow SBSers, most of them would suggest I check DNS and making sure companyweb is in the Internet Explorer “trusted … Continue reading Got “companyweb” prompting you to log in?

January Adelaide SBS users group update

The Adelaide SBS users group met tonight – it was a great night, even though the “demo gods” were against us (more on this later).We had around 12 attendees, including me, plus our special presenter – George Alexandritis (from Trend Micro).We started with introductions for new attendees and some notices including the impending release of Harry’s latest SBS book. Get your copy here from Feb 7th (this date possibly subject to change). Not only will it be a great addition to your library, it will give you incredible information from some of the best SBS brains on the planet (FYI I’m … Continue reading January Adelaide SBS users group update

Microsoft finger print scanner review

I bought, and started playing with, a Microsoft USB fingerprint scanner yesterday. I’ve only had a little play with it but so far it looks pretty cool. I started by installing the software that shipped with it, following which you can plug in the device. Unfortunately I had a couple of BSODs which I’m guessing were related but to be honest I didn’t take the time to check the event logs – and the system automatically restarted anyway. After 2 of these it was fine so I soldiered on. You start by scanning your fingerprint into it – selecting a … Continue reading Microsoft finger print scanner review

Next Adelaide SBS users group meeting

Our next get together is Monday night, January 24th. Venue is yet to be 100% confirmed but should be at Enterprise House – 136 Greenhill Road, Unley. Parking is available on site. Meeting starts at 6:30pm and I’ve asked for Trend Micro to present to us. I’ll post back final confirmation re the meeting details. If you’re planning to attend please rsvp to

Made the press

Our state newspaper, The Advertiser, ran an article in last Tuesday’s (Jan 11) edition, in the “Business Owner” section that I’m particularly fond of. You can see a copy of the article here Whilst the journalist did take some artistic licence to the story (never let the facts get in the way of a good story!) it’s mostly correct. Sarah Jessica-Parker was on the opposite page 🙂

It’s been a while since my last post…

actually it’s been waaaay too long, but I guess it’s OK when I consider how busy the last weeks have been. I was just reading one of Chad’s older posts ( and it made me think of one of the swing migrations we did a couple of weeks ago – this was a new client who’d had SBS2003 Premium installed for them by another provider but had not followed the wizards to any extent. To begin with, the users on the network were still using PSTs for their email so they didn’t have any of the cool Exchange features available … Continue reading It’s been a while since my last post…