Life can be too short

I got a call yesterday from a client. The business owner & his wife were at the gym on Friday night – joined a few months ago to lose some left over Christmas cheer & get healthy. Anyway, they were just walking along on the treadmill when she collapsed. Was on life support for a short while but didn't make it. She was not much older than me – around 37 I think. Husband & 2 daughters left. It was all so sudden, no prior conditions or indications. Makes you stop & think. Go hug those you love, make the … Continue reading Life can be too short

Resuming transmission

guess it's time I got back to blogging. I've been getting hassled by numerous bodies about my silence here and it has been suggested that I pull my socks up and hit the keyboard. I've been spending the last few months focussing on my business and so haven't really had the time…even for a quick blog. Add to that the fact that I've had several good ideas for posts but these have been when I'm away from any way of noting things down – in the shower, driving, camping in the middle of the outback. I then get busy or … Continue reading Resuming transmission