LegacyDN to the rescue

Continuing with the swing migration from the last post, all continued to go exceptionally well with the process. We kicked off an Exchange backup remotly prior to heading to site so there was less waiting around. (I use RDP to manage servers just about everyday and I am still extremely impressed with how it has made my job so much easier). The data transfer went a treat, in fact it was all going very well until it came time to mount the Exchange databases. The databases and log files were all in the right location but when mounting the databases … Continue reading LegacyDN to the rescue

Is your SWING not being TRUSTED?

We all know that SBS cannot have a trust relationship with another domain – that’s a given. But SBS sometimes doesn’t seem to know this. We encountered this just now in performing a swing migration for a client. The FSMO roles had been seized over and all was looking fine, afterall we’ve done plenty of swing migrations. Anyway upon kicking off the SBS setup process we got an error message telling us we had a trust relationship that this was a show stopper. We double checked the FSMO role assignments, ensured there were no phantom domain controllers or other funny … Continue reading Is your SWING not being TRUSTED?