Red Bull Gives You zzzzz…..

Whilst sitting in Houston’s airport terminal waiting to catch the flight to Los Angeles then home, with “Mr SBS Australia” Robbie Upcroft sitting by me, I looked over and saw this lady…   I guess the Red Bull isn’t working – perhaps a little too much vodka in it?!?  

Official Launch Dates for SBS2008 & EBS2008

I’m at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Texas. In this morning’s keynote with Michael Risse the announcement was made regarding the release dates for SBS2008 and EBS2008. Get ready for November 12 (November 13 in Australia) – that’s when the 2 hottest products for 2008 are officially hitting the streets. As more information comes available, particularly regarding readiness training etc I’ll post it. In the meantime, get onto the beta – there’s still time.

A new Microsoft Server?

Just signing up for some of the “community groups” at the MS Australian Partner conference in early August. In the signup process we need to give a little information about ourselves – fairly normal stuff. Once of the questions made me stop short though: A server in your pocket?