Red Bull Gives You zzzzz…..

Whilst sitting in Houston’s airport terminal waiting to catch the flight to Los Angeles then home, with “Mr SBS Australia” Robbie Upcroft sitting by me, I looked over and saw this lady…   I guess the Red Bull isn’t working – perhaps a little too much vodka in it?!?  

Official Launch Dates for SBS2008 & EBS2008

I’m at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Texas. In this morning’s keynote with Michael Risse the announcement was made regarding the release dates for SBS2008 and EBS2008. Get ready for November 12 (November 13 in Australia) – that’s when the 2 hottest products for 2008 are officially hitting the streets. As more information comes available, particularly regarding readiness training etc I’ll post it. In the meantime, get onto the beta – there’s still time.

A new Microsoft Server?

Just signing up for some of the “community groups” at the MS Australian Partner conference in early August. In the signup process we need to give a little information about ourselves – fairly normal stuff. Once of the questions made me stop short though: A server in your pocket?

The PAL is dead…long live the PAL

Today, June 30, marks the official end of my tenure as the SBSC PAL for Australia, and it’s been quite a year. I’m not going to go into huge detail because, well, quite frankly I’m sure you’ve got more important things to read but for those in the know this has been the first year the SBSC PAL position has existed. It’s been a bit like a very young child learning to walk – we’ve been a bit wobbly, there have been a few times we’ve fallen over (but no tears!) but we’ve certainly learned plenty and won’t be looking back … Continue reading The PAL is dead…long live the PAL

Small Business Server 2008 World Wide Community Survey

Passing on an email from Kevin Beares … Microsoft community leader extraordinaire The Windows Small Business Server 2008 WW Community Survey is live This is the third year we have published an SBS WW Community Survey to the SBS Community.  We have learned an amazing amount of information from the people who have taken the time to tell us what they thought. Some things we kind of knew already, but other things were not as clear before we had received the feedback. Because of the previous surveys, we have made some adjustments in our community engagement. To name a few; we really … Continue reading Small Business Server 2008 World Wide Community Survey

Going to meet with Trend Micro next week

This is a copy of an email I sent to the Adelaide SBS User Group a few minutes ago and consider this worthwhile posting to the wider world.   “I’ve got a meeting with Trend Micro next week with one of the top people in the company who’s travelling out from the USA to meet with me and a few others to discuss Trend and the IT community moving forward. This will not be a technical discussion – it’s going to be more strategic.  So, I’d like some feedback to take with me to the meeting. Those of you currently … Continue reading Going to meet with Trend Micro next week

SBS2008 is coming…

It’s my last day in Seattle having been here for over a week to attend MVP Summit 2008. Whilst here we’ve learned a LOT more about SBS2008, Essential Business Server and of course how little sleep we can survive on! Just stumbled across this this morning… Now I’m not going to comment on its origin…but I’m happy for the link to be forwarded around in order to build momentum around the coming release of these great products. Pass it on. And perhaps if you’ve got a bit of time up your sleeve you can through your own SBS2008 related video … Continue reading SBS2008 is coming…

There’s a whole world outside the USA…

<Rant mode on> Microsoft – why can you not realise there is a whole world outside of the United States when it comes to setting up and MAINTAINING operating systems? I have lost count of the number of times I’ve setup a system, telling it to use English (Australia) only to find that it’s switched back to English (United States). Even during the operating system setup process when I specify I want English (Australia) and go so far as to remove the USA references I manage to find it’s “infected” my system once again. Not only that but upon installing IE7 … Continue reading There’s a whole world outside the USA…

SBS Technical Training now in Canberra

Nick’s just blogged this: This follows on from my last post about the training for SBSers. If you’re in Canberra please take advantage of this offer. It’s a simple matter of economics that if Microsoft can see the numbers in Canberra for these events then they’ll continue to offer them there. If attendance is routinely low (and this is really for any place an event is run) then they won’t be offered there in the future. So – support yourself and your local community by attending these events and reap the rewards.

Microsoft SBS technical training for Australia

I’ve received an email from Microsoft with the following information in it regarding the next round of technical training sessions coming up. If you’re working with Small Business Server then make sure you register for these events being held through September. This technical training focuses on the Small Business Server 2003 Release 2 and will be delivered in two sessions, with each session focusing on a different aspect of SBS Server 2003 R2. The sessions will run for approximately three (3) hours with a lunch break in between the sessions. The session’s outlines are: Session 1 – Microsoft SBS 2003 R2 … Continue reading Microsoft SBS technical training for Australia