The PAL is dead…long live the PAL

Today, June 30, marks the official end of my tenure as the SBSC PAL for Australia, and it’s been quite a year. I’m not going to go into huge detail because, well, quite frankly I’m sure you’ve got more important things to read but for those in the know this has been the first year the SBSC PAL position has existed. It’s been a bit like a very young child learning to walk – we’ve been a bit wobbly, there have been a few times we’ve fallen over (but no tears!) but we’ve certainly learned plenty and won’t be looking back … Continue reading The PAL is dead…long live the PAL

Microsoft SBS technical training for Australia

I’ve received an email from Microsoft with the following information in it regarding the next round of technical training sessions coming up. If you’re working with Small Business Server then make sure you register for these events being held through September. This technical training focuses on the Small Business Server 2003 Release 2 and will be delivered in two sessions, with each session focusing on a different aspect of SBS Server 2003 R2. The sessions will run for approximately three (3) hours with a lunch break in between the sessions. The session’s outlines are: Session 1 – Microsoft SBS 2003 R2 … Continue reading Microsoft SBS technical training for Australia

I thought I should crow about this one…

I’m at the Microsoft Australian partner conference, being held on Hamilton Island. There are 633 Microsoft partners here and around 140-150 Microsoft staff, together with 23 exhibitors including Trend, Kaseya, Wacom, ProCurve etc. Anyway, Friday night is the big gala dinner where the partner awards are given out. I’m proud to say we’re a finalist for the Partner of the Year award for the Network Infrastructure category. We’re up against 2 giants – Commander & Southern Cross. Just being a finalist is something special but winning will be even sweeter. Anyway, just in case you don’t believe me, check out … Continue reading I thought I should crow about this one…

SBSC Get Together Today

I’m at the Microsoft Australian Partner Conference, being held on Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Islands, just off the mid-north Queensland coast. Weather is not too bad – lots of cloud but we’re getting bursts of sunlight which keep us awake (together with copious loads of coffee). There’s a meeting of the SBSCs at the conference this afternoon in room 312 of the Reef View Hotel at 3:45 today. Pip Marlow (SMSP Director) and Tracey Fellows (MS Australia Managing Director) will both be there. If you’re here at the conference, and are a Small Business Specialist, make sure you come … Continue reading SBSC Get Together Today

Eric Ligman just posted on the SBSC PALs too…

see for Eric’s post which also gives contact details for the PALs around the world. My mailbox is protected by Exchange Defender too so take care if sending me any mail. BTW – Ben Walton is the New Zealand PAL but his contact details aren’t on the page. If you’re from NZ and trying to contact Ben ping me and I’ll pass your message onto him in the meantime.

Small Business Specialist Community Partner Area Lead

So there’s been a lot of noise around the place lately about the SBSC PALs that have been “appointed” by Microsoft. There’s not yet been an official announcement yet – I believe this will be coming around September. I figured it was time I came clean and ‘fessed up that I’m the Australian SBSC PAL for 2007/2008. What does this mean? What is an SBSC PAL? What does this mean to you? – All good questions. There has already been a fair bit of explaination of the SBSC PALs by other PALs around the world so rather than regurgitate all … Continue reading Small Business Specialist Community Partner Area Lead