SBS Technical Training now in Canberra

Nick’s just blogged this: This follows on from my last post about the training for SBSers. If you’re in Canberra please take advantage of this offer. It’s a simple matter of economics that if Microsoft can see the numbers in Canberra for these events then they’ll continue to offer them there. If attendance is routinely low (and this is really for any place an event is run) then they won’t be offered there in the future. So – support yourself and your local community by attending these events and reap the rewards.

Microsoft SBS technical training for Australia

I’ve received an email from Microsoft with the following information in it regarding the next round of technical training sessions coming up. If you’re working with Small Business Server then make sure you register for these events being held through September. This technical training focuses on the Small Business Server 2003 Release 2 and will be delivered in two sessions, with each session focusing on a different aspect of SBS Server 2003 R2. The sessions will run for approximately three (3) hours with a lunch break in between the sessions. The session’s outlines are: Session 1 – Microsoft SBS 2003 R2 … Continue reading Microsoft SBS technical training for Australia

Calling all network manager type people

Put this onto your radar: Had a meeting with some bodies here at the MS Australian partner conference just a while ago, in particular the lovely Frederique Dennison (Product Marketing Manager, Secfurity and Management) where we were discussing network management tools and processes. Microsoft is certainly ramping things up for the SME end of town and if you work in this space then you need to start getting familiar with System Center Essentials (SCE) before the guy up the road does. It’s going to change the way networks are maintained moving forward – making things easier, more visible, more … Continue reading Calling all network manager type people

LegacyDN to the rescue

Continuing with the swing migration from the last post, all continued to go exceptionally well with the process. We kicked off an Exchange backup remotly prior to heading to site so there was less waiting around. (I use RDP to manage servers just about everyday and I am still extremely impressed with how it has made my job so much easier). The data transfer went a treat, in fact it was all going very well until it came time to mount the Exchange databases. The databases and log files were all in the right location but when mounting the databases … Continue reading LegacyDN to the rescue

Is your SWING not being TRUSTED?

We all know that SBS cannot have a trust relationship with another domain – that’s a given. But SBS sometimes doesn’t seem to know this. We encountered this just now in performing a swing migration for a client. The FSMO roles had been seized over and all was looking fine, afterall we’ve done plenty of swing migrations. Anyway upon kicking off the SBS setup process we got an error message telling us we had a trust relationship that this was a show stopper. We double checked the FSMO role assignments, ensured there were no phantom domain controllers or other funny … Continue reading Is your SWING not being TRUSTED?

Watch your bindings order

Just got back from installing an additional NIC in an ISA2004 firewall. The ole network bindings order gotcha hit me yet again so I thought it was time to write this down to remind me – and hopefully save you from this grief. When adding a new network interface (phyiscal, wireless, 1394 etc) to a Windows machine (and I’m considering XP & Windows Server 2003 here but the same may well apply to other versions) you need to make sure you set the bindings order for all the network cards correctly in order to maintain proper operation. For example, in … Continue reading Watch your bindings order

Stymied by RWW & RDP 6?

We’ve had a few cases where RWW won’t work on machines where they’ve had RDP 6 installed. The resolution when this happens is to uninstall RDP 6 as it appears there is a problem between the full RDP 6 client and the RDP 5.2 ActiveX component that RWW uses. Whilst I’ve not personally tested this (I know – but it takes time!!) our “fix” in the meantime is to remove the RDP 6 client. Go to Add/Remove Programs, click the show updates checkbox at the top of the list and uninstall update KB925876. This takes you back to RDP 5.2 … Continue reading Stymied by RWW & RDP 6?

Stop that BUS…I mean USB…

There have been issues reported around the place about problems when using USB drives as backup devices on SBS2003. Simply unplugging the drive to switch over to another one so the latest backup can be taken off site yields error messages from the server complaining about volumes with no disk space left. The best way to avoid these errors is to stop the device before unplugging it from the server. But what if you want to do this without having someone first log onto the server? There are some tools around that allow you to script a “USB stop” to … Continue reading Stop that BUS…I mean USB…

SBS2003 SP1 was successful – ultimately

The days between Christmas and new year were going to be the days I caught up with a heap of things in the office that had not received the attention they deserved through the rest of the year. Instead I was busy by a few clients that simply refused to take some time off 🙂 Anyway, I did manage to get SP1 finally applied to our own server, in readiness for CRM 3.0 (see previous post). Overall the installation when fine, apart from the ISA2004 upgrade. Now don’t get me wrong, our SBS2003 server is not overly customised – we … Continue reading SBS2003 SP1 was successful – ultimately

Packing the podcast

I’m just packing my bag for the brief trip to Perth tomorrow for the first leg of the Microsoft for Partners Roadshow. Toothbrush – check Shirts – check Socks – check Podcasts – check Shaver – check “What???” I hear you ask? “Podcasts?” Why yes, of course. Time in the air, or waiting for a flight, or sitting in a taxi is a great time to catch up on the SBS podcasts. With my little trusty Creative Labs MP3 player and Sennheiser PCX-250 noise cancelling headphones I’m all set. Check out the podcasts. The latest installment from Vlad Mazek, Chris Rue … Continue reading Packing the podcast