Going to meet with Trend Micro next week

This is a copy of an email I sent to the Adelaide SBS User Group a few minutes ago and consider this worthwhile posting to the wider world.   “I’ve got a meeting with Trend Micro next week with one of the top people in the company who’s travelling out from the USA to meet with me and a few others to discuss Trend and the IT community moving forward. This will not be a technical discussion – it’s going to be more strategic.  So, I’d like some feedback to take with me to the meeting. Those of you currently … Continue reading Going to meet with Trend Micro next week

SBS2003 SP1 was successful – ultimately

The days between Christmas and new year were going to be the days I caught up with a heap of things in the office that had not received the attention they deserved through the rest of the year. Instead I was busy by a few clients that simply refused to take some time off 🙂 Anyway, I did manage to get SP1 finally applied to our own server, in readiness for CRM 3.0 (see previous post). Overall the installation when fine, apart from the ISA2004 upgrade. Now don’t get me wrong, our SBS2003 server is not overly customised – we … Continue reading SBS2003 SP1 was successful – ultimately

What’s your DRP?

Our office was broken into a week before Christmas 🙁 As it turned out we didn’t have anything stolen ourselves although other tenants did. There was damage to one of the doors though, but the most important thing is it got me seriously thinking about our disaster recovery plan (DRP). The phone call I got from one of the other tenants was along the lines of “lots of stuff has been taken – laptops and more. They’ve been right through the office. You’d better get here quickly.” This was around 8am on a Saturday morning too. The drive down to … Continue reading What’s your DRP?

The Xware menace

(snip from one of our recent client communiques)… Quite often we get asked about pop up screens when using Internet Explorer, alerting users that their systems are insecure or not performing correctly (for example). These messages typically have a button the user is prompted to press in order to take “apprioriate” action. Unfortunately, clicking on the button will more than likely install some malicious software onto the users compujter. But why does the anti-virus software not pick this up? Basically, these messages are not strictly viruses, or even worms. They represent software known as malware which can include spyware. Malware … Continue reading The Xware menace

Don’t get worms…

Viruses and worms are getting smarted and more complex. Some of the latest virus attacks involve new, combination viruses that are a mix of a virus and a worm. Typically these will infect a machine through either email attachments or malicious code downloaded from a web site. Not only can your computer be infected with a virus, which causes problems by using your computer to send out masses of email, but also keystroke logger utilities may be installed which monitor which keys are pressed when you are connected to secure web sites – including banking web sites, and the results reported back … Continue reading Don’t get worms…

Access control revisited

After playing with the fingerprint scanner for a while I’ve found it’s OK for keeping track of web site logins, but it’s no good for REAL network security – controlling who can log into the domain, and maintaining complex password (read PASSPHRASE) policies with 2-factor authentication. So I’m looking at a few devices – tokens from RSA, Secure Computing and the like. I want something that can be used on the network, for VPN access, OWA and terminal services login. Suggestions, experiences, ones to keep away from? Any feedback is good at this point.

Microsoft finger print scanner review

I bought, and started playing with, a Microsoft USB fingerprint scanner yesterday. I’ve only had a little play with it but so far it looks pretty cool. I started by installing the software that shipped with it, following which you can plug in the device. Unfortunately I had a couple of BSODs which I’m guessing were related but to be honest I didn’t take the time to check the event logs – and the system automatically restarted anyway. After 2 of these it was fine so I soldiered on. You start by scanning your fingerprint into it – selecting a … Continue reading Microsoft finger print scanner review

Secure That Login

So I got a call from a client “we can’t send email to company XYZ – the say we’re sending SPAM or something, can you please find out what’s going on?” (well, they didn’t quite say it like that but I figured I should paraphrase a little for clarity). OK – I knew they weren’t an open relay but checked anyway (you know, telnet to port 25 and try to send mail through it hoping to get the “unable to relay for…” message. Whew – no fingers had been meddling. They’d been listed with SpamCop as a source of SPAM … Continue reading Secure That Login