The strange case of "No such interface supported" (Error 80004002) loading a Visual Studio add-in

September 29, 2008

Some days ago I received an angry complaint from a prospect of the trial version of my MZ-Tools add-in, who uninstalled it because, somehow, he didn’t want the add-in loaded at startup during the evaluation period but he wanted to load it manually from time to time… Anyway, it happens that my MZ-Tools add-in still […]

The ProjectItem.FileCodeModel and conditional compilation

September 26, 2008

Recently I was playing with the FileCodeModel of a ProjectItem that used conditional compilation to provide some methods in “Debug” configuration (but not in “Release” configuration) such as: Public Sub Method1() … End Sub #If DEBUG Then Public Sub Method2() … End Sub #End If Public Sub Method3 … End Sub Which code elements (methods) […]

Regarding the IDTExtensibility2 interface

September 25, 2008

I have always wondered why the IDTExtensibility2 interface of the Visual Studio host to load (or connect) add-ins is not as simple as just two methods: OnLoad and OnUnload, or if you like the “connection” term, just the OnConnection and OnDisconnection methods. The original IDTExtensibility interface of Visual Basic 5/6 from 1997/1998, which offered four […]

MZ-Tools Articles Series: BUG: Standard user unable to load/unload COM-based add-ins registered for all users with the VS 2008 Add-in Manager on Windows Vista

September 17, 2008

Almost a couple years ago I wrote an article The Add-In Manager of Visual Studio 2005 got broken…and won’t be fixed for SP1 and while Visual Studio 2008 fixed that problem, it has introduced a new one when running on Windows Vista, and guess what, VS 2008 SP1 doesn’t fix it either, so I guess […]

MZ-Tools Articles Series: HOWTO: Using the Process Monitor (ProcMon) tool to diagnose Visual Studio add-ins problems

September 16, 2008

Last year I wrote a quite popular article HOWTO: Troubleshooting Visual Studio and Office add-ins, to diagnose many common problems with add-ins for Visual Studio or even Office. One invaluable tool to diagnose a whole range of problems with an add-in setup or the Add-In Manager of Visual Studio is the Process Monitor (ProcMon) tool, […]

MZ-Tools Articles Series (update) INFO: Default .AddIn file locations for Visual Studio add-ins

September 2, 2008

I have updated the article that I wrote back in January about default folders to place .AddIn registration files for add-ins to include actual examples for Windows Vista since the original article only showed Windows XP examples. I have also provided better information about how to get the actual folder names correctly. Overall the naming […]

I wish Visual Studio had Multilingual User Interface (MUI) implemented as on Windows Vista

September 2, 2008

When developing commercial add-ins for Visual Studio, chances are that you will have to test it with international versions of Visual Studio to ensure that your tool works fine, say, in Visual Studio Spanish or German or French or Japanese or Chinese or whatever. While Visual Studio .NET has always supported multilingual interface (via “Tools”, […]

MSDN Community Content for "Automation and Extensibility for Visual Studio"

September 1, 2008

During the past five years I have written about 120 articles on my MZ-Tools web site about automation and extensibility of Visual Studio, most of them intended for add-ins, some usable from macros too and some other using services of the SDK (rather than the automation model) from an add-in. In the next few weeks […]

The diagram of the convoluted build configuration automation model (EnvDTE/EnvDTE80) (Part 2)

September 1, 2008

In my previous post I talked about the convoluted build configuration automation model (EnvDTE/EnvDTE80). While I had it fresh in my head, I used the “Export to image” feature of my brain (OK, I used Visio) and here is a graphical representation of it. It is a model of objects (not classes) in memory, where […]