The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)

October 31, 2008

Since I didn’t attend the PDC 2008, I have started to watch some recorded sessions. While the most interesting one for people extending Visual Studio (“TL32 Microsoft Visual Studio: Customizing and Extending the Development Environment” by Tim Wagner) that I mentioned in my last post is not available yet (I guess it will be posted […]

Visual Studio 2010 extensibility moving beyond add-ins and packages…?

October 26, 2008

Last Thursday October 23 the VSX Team blog announced a VSX Talk at the upcoming PDC that contained this very interesting news: “The next version of Visual Studio moves beyond add-ins and packages to unleash powerful new ways to customize and extend the environment. Learn about the Visual Studio extension model-built on a common Microsoft […]

New extensibility assembly EnvDTE90a.dll in Visual Studio 2008 SP1

October 23, 2008

I have discovered today by chance that there was a new assembly EnvDTE90a.dll on my machine, whose namespace EnvDTE90a is documented in the MSDN docs: EnvDTE90a Namespace As you may know, the common automation model is supplied by a set of EnvDTEXX.dll assemblies: EnvDTE.dll (provided by VS.NET 2002 and higher) EnvDTE80.dll (provided by VS […]

VSX Developer Conference 2008 Sessions screencasts available

October 22, 2008

Microsoft has just post the screencasts of most sessions of the Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) Developer Conference 2008 back in September. I didn’t attend because it is a long trip (I live in Madrid – Spain-), a flight to Seattle is not direct (you need a stopover in France, England, Netherlands or in the US) […]

The strange case of no ext_ConnectMode.ext_cm_UISetup phase fired, not even once

October 14, 2008

Continuing today with some tests about the The OnConnection method and ext_ConnectMode.ext_cm_UISetup of Visual Studio add-ins of my last post, I created a sample add-in using the code of the first sample (temporary UI) of my article HOWTO: Adding buttons, commandbars and toolbars to Visual Studio .NET from an add-in, and later I changed my […]

The OnConnection method and ext_ConnectMode.ext_cm_UISetup of Visual Studio add-ins

October 13, 2008

Without doubt, the most confusing area each newbie add-in developer faces when starting to write an add-in for Visual Studio, is the OnConnection method and theĀ  ext_ConnectMode.ext_cm_UISetup value of the connectMode parameter. I think that every week I answer at least one question about this in the MSDN forums. There are several things contributing this […]

More on the build configuration automation model

October 6, 2008

I already wrote about the convoluted build configuration automation model and provided a visual representation of it to help understanding it. One of the problems that I explained is that the configurations of solutions are modeled as a collection rather than as a 2-D matrix (configuration names and platforms), as it happens with project configurations, […]

Visual Studio 2005/2008 managed add-ins using XML registration (.AddIn file) and unmanaged satellite DLLs

October 1, 2008

In my last entry I mentioned that I was investigating to use XML registration (.AddIn File) with my MZ-Tools add-in. Finally I was unable because it seems that Visual Studio 2005/2008 managed add-ins using XML registration don’t support unmanaged satellite DLLs (created with C++) for custom pictures for commands. The .AddIn file doesn’t support the […]