MZ-Tools Articles Series: updated articles

June 23, 2009

I have updated the following MZ-Tools Series articles to fix/explain better some things, provide C# code some cases, cover Windows Vista folders, cover Visual Studio 2008/2010 in some other cases, etc: HOWTO: Removing commands and UI elements during Visual Studio .NET add-in uninstallation HOWTO: Reset a Visual Studio add-in HOWTO: Get rid of […]

Feature request to search for custom resource bitmaps for commands in the own add-in dll

June 16, 2009

Since I have no much hope of getting a new EnvDTE100.Commands.AddNamedCommand3 that accepts an icon as parameter rather than a resource id, I have filed a new feature request to at least get rid of the satellite DLL just making EnvDTE80.Commands.AddNamedCommand2 to search for resources in the own add-in dll, which wouldn’t require a new […]

Usercontrols hosted in toolwindows still requiring ComVisible(True) attribute

June 14, 2009

Another scenario where a managed add-in for VS 2005 or higher still requires the ComVisible(True) attribute (apart from the Connect class that I blogged about in the last post) is when creating toolwindows with the EnvDTE80.Windows2.CreateToolWindow2 method: if you move the ComVisible(True) attribute from the AssemblyInfo file to the Connect class (which is actually the […]

Managed add-ins still requiring ComVisible(True) attribute

June 14, 2009

While add-ins for Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003 required COM registration (COM Interop) and registration for Visual Studio using the Windows registry, Visual Studio 2005 introduced XML-registration (.AddIn file) and removed the need for COM registration, both a big advance. Then, one day, visiting the assemblyinfo.vb file that is not very much visited, you notice the […]

Two more reports about bugs in folders used by Visual Studio to locate .AddIn files

June 12, 2009

I thought that I had already reported these ones to Microsoft for VS 2008, but I don’t find the bug reports and anyway the bugs are still present in VS 2010 Beta 1: Visual Studio hardcodes “Application Data” folder in the list of folders for .AddIn files %ALLUSERSDOCUMENTS%\Microsoft\MSEnvShared\AddIns folder is not searched for add-ins […]

Wouldn’t be nice to know where a Visual Studio add-in is registered from?

June 12, 2009

Given that add-ins for Visual Studio can use COM-based registration or XML-based registration and that the first one uses two locations (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / HKEY_CURRENT_USER) and the second one uses up to six folders by default (Tools, Options window, Environment, AddIn/Macros Security section), when developing and troubleshooting add-ins I often wonder where an add-in is registered from. I have filed a […]

Call to action: please VOTE to get easy, custom, transparent, pictures for add-ins CommandbarButtons fixed forever

June 12, 2009

If you are subscribed to the RSS of this blog, chances are that you are an add-in developer, because despite its title, I don’t write very much about macros (nobody really uses them) and I don’t know about SDK packages, only a little about how to call SDK services from an add-in. So, if you […]

Good response from Microsoft fixing bugs in new WPF-based commandbars of VS 2010 Beta 1

June 12, 2009

A week ago I blogged about some nasty bugs that happened in VS 2010 Beta 1 when using the new WPF-based commandbars from an add-in. While VS 2010 Beta 1 was very disappointing for me in this regard, the response from Microsoft in the last days has been great and so far the following ones […]

The strange case of Visual Studio getting "out of memory"

June 9, 2009

I started programming in the old times of 16-bit MS-DOS, where you had only 640 KB of memory, and you had concepts like “expanded memory” and “extended memory” and memory bank switching to use more than 640 KB and then wonderful things like the Watcom C++ compiler that allowed you to create linear 32-bit MS-DOS […]

.NET support in next version of InnoSetup installer (handy for COM-based add-ins)

June 9, 2009

Finally InnoSetup, a freeware very popular installer for Windows will include support for .NET, that is, constants to execute utilities from the .NET Framework SDK such as regasm.exe, etc. or to install assemblies in the GAC, etc: InnoSetup 5.3 Beta: Using regasm.exe is required for COM add-ins (for Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003). Previously you […]