Microsoft no longer fixing (small) bugs for VS 2010, now focusing on stabilization and performance

Although VS 2010 Beta 2 hasn’t been released yet, Microsoft has stopped fixing the certainly minor bugs that I have reported in the last days about the C# file code model. Instead they are currently focused “on stabilizing and improving the performance of VS2010”. This is something that has happened in the past (I remember since VS 2005): once the Beta 2 is released no feature is changed and very few bugs are fixed (only the big ones that would prevent the release of the product), but I think that this time is worse, the facts are:

Too bad. I’m talking about minor bugs that should be easy to fix, not ones requiring architectural changes that I understand will be postponed.

I find quite stressing what will happen if the WPF commandbars are not fixed correctly for Beta 2, or new bugs appear with features that were not completed in Beta 1. I’d rather see no CTPs at all and a longer series of betas instead:

  • Beta 1: quite feature completed. Time to complete it and fix bugs.
  • Beta 2: feature completed. Time to fix bugs.
  • Beta 3: bugs fixed. Time to focus on stabilization and performance.
  • RC1, etc.

At least we would have two beta cycles to get bugs fixed.

All that said, I welcome the focus on the performance of the Visual Studio (the 2005 release was quite bad in this regard).

UPDATE: Microsoft clarified that this affects only to bugs in the code model because they are investing in a new code model. See Clarification on my previous post “Microsoft no longer fixing (small) bugs for VS 2010”