Visual Studio 2010 getting rid of satellite DLLs for add-ins. Oh..My..God :-)

August 24, 2009

After four years since I started pushing Microsoft to get rid of satellite DLLs to provide custom pictures for commands of add-ins, and then pushing again and then even again, and even through private channels I have as an MVP and even through private e-mails, all that to avoid the infamous official procedure to Display […]

Clarification on my previous post "Microsoft no longer fixing (small) bugs for VS 2010"

August 7, 2009

My post of a week ago “Microsoft no longer fixing (small) bugs for VS 2010, now focusing on stabilization and performance” has been commented (see the Comments section) by the DJ Park (C# IDE, Program Manager) explaining that the three bugs in the C# code model that I reported: EnvDTE.CodeFunction.Parameters causes COM exception with add/remove […]

Microsoft fixing issue of supporting RGB=0,254,0 for transparent color in command pictures also in VS 2010

August 2, 2009

The issue that I opened about VS 2010 Beta 1 command pictures supporting for the first time 32-bit bitmaps with alpha channel for transparency but not RGB=0,254,0 as in previous Visual Studio versions has been resolved by Microsoft for Beta 2: Custom pictures in CommandBarButtons created by add-in don’t show a transparent background So, […]