Announcing MZ-Tools 7.0 for Visual Studio (with VS 2012 support and new features)

After exactly 5 years (an eternity) since the last major version, today finally I have released a new major version of MZ-Tools, version 7.0:

This new version not only adds support for Visual Studio 2012 (which Microsoft has just announced also today that will be available on August 15), but on the contrary to MZ-Tools 6.0 (which had the same feature set than MZ-Tools 2005 and MZ-Tools 4.0, just adapted to the new versions of Visual Studio), it adds new features and enhancements to existing ones based on some inspiring ideas that I had here, and the feedback received from customers all these years:

What’s new:

You can download a trial version from the web site, which has also been revamped and I intend to get more social so I have opened LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts (I have a lot to learn in this area so be patient while it develops).

And now, some well deserved vacations 🙂