MZ-Tools Articles Series: BUG: EnvDTE.FontsAndColorsItems.Item("Keyword").Background not updated after changing Visual Studio 2012 theme.

September 30, 2012

One of the things that you need to test in a Visual Studio 2012 add-in or package is that is themed correctly when the VS theme is changed dynamically from Dark to Light or viceversa (through the Tools, Options window). I noticed that sometimes the textboxes that show colorized C# or VB.NET code in my […]

MZ-Tools Articles Series: reached 200 articles

September 30, 2012

After my first trip to the Microsoft campus at Seattle / Redmond back in April 2004 for the MVP Summit, shortly after being awarded as MVP, I returned with a boost of energy to do things related to the extensibility of Visual Studio with add-ins. One of the things was to start writing small articles […]

MZ-Tools Articles Series: BUG: EnvDTE.CodeElement.StartPoint.Line wrong result with duplicated ‘using’ statement.

September 29, 2012

The other day a customer of MZ-Tools 7.0 reported an exception in the Sort Code Elements feature that after investigation turned out to be a bug of the file code model. I have documented it here: BUG: EnvDTE.CodeElement.StartPoint.Line wrong result with duplicated ‘using’ statement. And I have reported it to Microsoft Connect: EnvDTE.CodeElement wrong […]

MZ-Tools Articles Series: HOWTO: Debug Visual Studio assemblies with .NET Reflector.

September 27, 2012

I am thrilled to write about this new technique that I discovered only some days ago. While I have been using .NET Reflector since many years ago to disassemble .NET and Visual Studio assemblies to understand how they work, until now I had to use my brain as debugger when trying to figure out things. […]

Cyan: Another magic color for developers of Visual Studio 2012 add-ins

September 26, 2012

So far there were two magic colors to be known by developers of Visual Studio add-ins: Almost green (RGB = 0, 254, 0) to get transparency in custom bitmaps of commands. See HOWTO: Create a command with a custom picture using a managed satellite DLL for a XML-based Visual Studio add-in. Magenta (RGB = 255, […]

Another strange case of error 80131522 loading a Visual Studio add-in

September 26, 2012

OK, this is a post mainly for me (to be found in the future) because yesterday it was the second time that it happened (and I barely remembered the first one). It is a so subtle scenario that it can only happen if you create lots of add-ins for multiple versions of VisualĀ  Studio (I […]

MZ-Tools Articles Series: HOWTO: Get the bitmap of a component type from Visual Studio add-in

September 25, 2012

Continuing with the problems introduced by the new gray icons of Visual Studio 2012, my new article explains the approach that Microsoft used to solve this problem that I reported: Document Outline toolwindow of VS 2010 shows icons of VS 11 Beta (gray) My MZ-Tools add-in provides a Control Explorer feature that is like […]

Dark/Light themes headaches in Visual Studio 2012

September 24, 2012

On Sep 12 Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2012, arguably the ugliest Visual Studio version ever launched according to very strong feedback from the community of developers. For the first time Visual Studio added support for themes. It is arguable if individual applications should be themed, or if themes should be provided by the operating system […]

MZ-Tools Articles Series: BUG: Command.Bindings causes Exception when setting value from an add-in in localized Visual Studio.

September 9, 2012

This is another bug that happens in localized versions of Visual Studio when an add-in needs to re-create a command for whatever reason and it tries to preserve the existing command binding: BUG: Command.Bindings causes Exception when setting value from an add-in in localized Visual Studio. I have filed a bug through Microsoft Connect: […]

MZ-Tools Articles Series: BUG: CommandBar.Name property localized in VBA editor of Office.

September 9, 2012

Visual Studio causes problems to developers of add-ins in localized versions (as I blogged four years ago), but it is not the only one. The automation model of the VBA editor of Microsoft Office has also problems in localized versions. The CommandBar class has the Name and NameLocal properties for the English name and the […]