So how did I get infected in the first place?

Coming to the end of 2005 we’ve observed many folks get infected. Tony Klein has written the de facto answer to the question:

So how did I get infected in the first place?

Bullet number 1: Watch what you download!
“Many freeware programs, and P2P programs like Grokster, Imesh, Kazaa and others are amongst the most notorious, come with an enormous amount of bundled spyware that will eat system resources, slow down your system, clash with other installed software, or just plain crash your browser or even Windows itself. If you insist on using a P2P program, please read This Article written by Mike Healan of fame. It is an updated and comprehensive article that gives in-depth detail about which P2P programs are “safe” to use.”

Bullet number 2: “2.) Go to IE > Tools > Windows Update > Product Updates, and install ALL High-Priority Security Updates listed. If you’re running Windows XP, that of course includes the Service Pack 2! If you suspect your computer is infected with Malware of any type, we advise you to not install SP2 if you don’t already have it. You can post a HijackThis log on our Forums to get free Expert help cleaning your machine. Once you are sure you have a clean system, it is highly recommended to install SP2 to help prevent against future infections.

It’s important to always keep current with the latest security fixes from Microsoft. Install those patches for Internet Explorer, and make sure your installation of Java VM is up-to-date. There are some well known security bugs with Microsoft Java VM which are exploited regularly by browser hijackers. ”

This is just a teaser. For the full text, visit So how did I get infected in the first place?. Also be sure to check out our own Malware Removal and Prevention procedure. Learn how to distance yourself from malware.

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