There is a new danger floating around the Internet right now, a zero-day exploit taking advantage of the Windows Media Format (WMF). Its not limited to WMF files, it is taking the shape of images as well. This exploit is currently billed as the worst infection in history. It can hide rootkits, it can even hide itself.

This is not a joke.

Many antivirus companies can not discover this malware at present. Microsoft is not responding fast enough. There is currently no known way to detect if your system has been infected. However, don’t let this stop you from applying two specific workaround patches.

Read the following two articles and install the “Windows WMF Hotfix” followed by de-registering the file “shimgvw.dll”. Then reboot. Now, wait with the rest of us for Microsoft and antivirus companies to officially patch this vulnerability and detect/clean it.

Install the WMF Hotfix
De-register the “shimgvw.dll” file

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