Hot off the press: WMF Vulnerability Checker

As you’ve read in the security alert concerning the WMF exploit there are very limited tools to patch or catch an exploitable computer system. Ilfak Guilfanov, the author of the Windows WMF Hotfix, has written a WMF Vulnerability Checker. Please read Ilfak’s instructions on using the WMF vulnerability checker. Although a word of caution is offered:

Do not use this check as a definite answer to the WMF vulnerability question. But if your system was vulnerable, it should be invulnerable after installing the hotfix and display the second dialog box. In other words you can use this checker as a means to verify that the hotfix is doing its job. One more word of caution: do not forget to reboot your computer after the installation. If you do not reboot it, the checker will tell you that the system is invulnerable while some systme processes will still be.

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