Kama Sutra/Blackworm Timebomb

There is a new mass mailing worm that has been infecting many users. Going by some different names, its best known as the Blackworm or Kama Sutra. On February 3rd, this worm is scheduled to overwrite the following file types with bogus data:

  • *.DOC
  • *.XLS
  • *.MDE
  • *.MDB
  • *.PPT
  • *.PPS
  • *.RAR
  • *.PDF
  • *.PSD
  • *.DMP
  • *.ZIP

    Feb 3rd is just the beginning, because its scheduled to activate on the 3rd of every month. Once someone is infected, the worm visits a webpage at rcn.net to increment a counter. This counter theoretically displays the number of infections. As of the article, that counter states:

    Read here for full details.

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