Aluria Trys To Whitewash The WhenU Fiasco

By Robin Laudanski
March 2, 2006

Some of you might remember back in October of 2004 Aluria Software delisted WhenU and Certified them as being Spyware Safe. Would it suprise you to find out it now appears Aluria is trying to cover their tracks? Isn’t it wonderful the internet has such extensive resources that even when a company or individual tries to cover up something they did it is almost impossible to completely remove it. In previous articles written by CastleCops Staff on WhenU, Aluria and AOL there were many links going back to Aluria both to their support forums and press releases, imagine my suprise when the pages those links pointed to suddenly don’t exist. In some cases the link isn’t dead, rather it points to a new location eg. Aluria_Certifies_WhenU That link should point to the original press release from Aluria, but it doesn’t. All press related material are redirected to the same location in the same manner.

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