Rick Carlson Former Presdent/CEO Aluria Software Responds

By Robin Laudanski
March 5, 2006

Finally someone from Aluria has decided to respond. In a previous article I mentioned a thread at PCMag wherein some comments were made which basically suggested I was lieing about my attempts to contact Mr. Goldstone. Once again I’ve been called a liar, only this time it was by Rick Carlson former President/CEO of Aluria Software. The thing I find most remarkable about his entire reply is not that I’m being called a liar I expected that from Aluria and it isn’t that Mr. Carlson actually admitted certifying WhenU as being spyware free was a mistake, although it is an enormous step even if the reason given for it being a mistake is misguided in my opinion. What I find most remarkable is that he seems to think I have something against Aluria, that I am attacking a name, when in fact all I’m doing is reporting the fact that information which showed there was once a relationship between Aluria and WhenU has conveniently disappeared. For someone who is leaving the company his response seems rather hostile.

This is taken from the thread at PCMag:

Continued in full…

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