180Solutions/Zango brings you the ‘best amizing racist videos on the web’

We’ve all read about the lawsuit 180Solutions/Zango has filed against Zone Labs by calling its software out on the mat as malware. But did you know that 180Solutions, that same company who makes Zango, has created a distribution system where they deliver the ‘best amizing racist videos on the web’? The advertisement says simply to “Download Zango and enjoy FREE unlimited access to amizing racist videos”.

For details and snapshots, visit here. It includes more information about one of Zango’s distribution partners which even publicly displays who has visited the site by showing unique visitor statistics. 180 Solutions… put a foot in it.

CastleCops ramps up fight against CoolWebSearch/HomeSearch

CastleCops keeps and maintains various databases on malware and legitimate items for browser helpers objects, toolbars, startups, services, and activex objects.

Thanks to the collaboration of many Team CastleCops Expert members, CC is frequently among the first to indentify and analyze a new emerging pest, and hence to add information on its components to the various Lists. We were for example the first to spot and categorize a new BHO co-responsible for an all new version of SpySheriff/PsGuard/SmitFraud, one of the most insidious and prevalent pests around:


CastleCops is also in progress of entering all BHOs pertaining to the notorious CoolWebSearch/HomeSearch parasite variant to its CLSID database list. That information is used to power publicly accessible applications such as (in addition to researcher based utilities):


The BHO database in its entirety is made available to the public here:



CoolWebSearch found in massive spyware ring

Sunbelt Software recently reported to the FBI evidence that shows CoolWebSearch is in a massive spyware ring where private information such as user names, passwords, chat sessions, bank information are stored and uploaded to servers. The FBI responded and are working on the case.

Note that there is a LOT of bank information in here, including one company bank account with over US$350,000 and another small company in California with over $11,000 readily accessible. This list goes on and on and on. Of course, there’s also eBay accounts and much more.


Which is the best anti-spyware cleaner?

That is just what I was wondering — from a community perspective. We’ve
been running a survey and after 5,414 unique votes, the tally is in:



1) Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal 25.36%
2) Spybot Search & Destroy 22.42%
3) Microsoft AntiSpyware 14.79%

This is from a list of 19 choices:

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