Welcome to C# Distilled, my new blog where I’ll post entries discussing all things that are related to the C# programming language and the Microsoft .NET platform in general.

You will probably be asking who I am?

My name is Doug Holland, and I’ve been a C# MVP now since January 2006 although I’ve been using the C# programming language since it was in Beta testing prior to its first release with Visual Studio .NET 2002. I attended the MSc program in Software Engineering at the University of Oxford  although I live and work in Sacramento CA. Presently I’m working as a .NET architect for a small e-government project which is being implemented using Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. Primarily this project is a Smart Client used by users within that agencies Windows 2003 domain however there is also a web-based presence available for their clients.

I’ll be posting some entries in the next few days although I’m unsure at present on what they will involve, some possibilities though are the Microsoft LINQ project or the Microsoft SQL Server SMO libraries.

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