Mix06 Sessions Online

If you’re interested in seeing where the future of web-based applications will take you then I would recommend you check out some of the sessions from the recent Mix06 conference, these sessions are now available online at http://sessions.mix06.com/.

Say Goodbye to Courier New within Visual Studio 2005

Tired of using the age old Courier New font for coding, well Microsoft now provides a new Consolas font which installs itself as the default font within Visual Studio 2005. Sean Laberee within the Visual Studio Editor’s blog, cautions that the Consolas font will only look good if you have ClearType enabled. Using the Appearance Tab of the Display applet within the Windows Control Panel you need to ensure that the check box “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts” is checked and that it is set to Clear Type. Just when you thought C# couldn’t look any better… … Continue reading Say Goodbye to Courier New within Visual Studio 2005

WinHEC 2006 – Windows Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2

At the Microsoft WinHEC 2006 conference in Seattle today, Microsoft announced the release of the Beta 2 milestone binaries for both Windows Vista (Build 5384), Windows “Longhorn” Server (Build 5384), and Office 2007. As I write this blog entry I’m downloading these binaries and will blog about the quality of these builds once I have had a chance to install them in the next day or so. One thing to note if you’re planning on testing Windows Vista on an x64 platform you’ll need a DVD burner capable of burning dual layer 8Gb DVD’s as the .iso image for the … Continue reading WinHEC 2006 – Windows Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2

Get the Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" LINQ May CTP

Microsoft wants you to get the “Orcas” LINQ preview code and tell them if you believe they are taking the .net framework in the right direction, including in this preview are C# and VB samples and walkthroughs showing you how the next version of Visual Studio will change the way you develop code.Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” LINQ May CTP

To Interface or not to Interface, that is the Question

As an architect on a software project being developed using C# 2.0 the client is asking me to provide them a definition on when "to interface, or not to interface…" and although they are looking for a non-technical definition, I thought that a more technical discussion would make a good blog posting. All to often, books on C# and other programming languages simply describe language constructs and how to use them, but it is less often that you find a discussion on when a particular language construct is appropriate or not. Although I had some ideas of my own as … Continue reading To Interface or not to Interface, that is the Question

Windows Vista Build 5381

Windows Vista build 5381 was recently released to beta testers and although it is not due to be released as a CTP build on MSDN subscriber downloads, it appears to be one of the best builds of Windows Vista released to date. Below are several screen shots from the 64-bit version of Windows Vista build 5381 beginning with one showing the new desktop with several windows being tabbed between using the new tabbing feature (Windows Key + Tab), which makes use of the graphics capabilities of Windows Vista assuming you have an appropriate graphics card. Windows Vista now includes a … Continue reading Windows Vista Build 5381