Microsoft WMI Code Creator 1.0

While working on the C# Distilled Diagnostics project which is available from the Microsoft CodePlex website, I began working on using WMI to establish the processor architecture of the machine where an exception was thrown. On Saturday morning I took my laptop down to Starbucks to discuss the project with a friend I knew while at Intel, he suggested that I take a look at Microsoft’s WMI Code Creator 1.0. Even if you don’t have a business need to know the voltage that your processor(s) are using or the amount of Level 2 Cache that the processor(s) have, I’d really … Continue reading Microsoft WMI Code Creator 1.0

Windows Vista Build 5536, Where’s 5700, Where’s 64-bit, Where’s the Windows SDK?

After connecting several times tonight to the Microsoft Connect website hoping to see a download of Windows Vista build 5700, it was a little less than exciting to see a new download of Windows Vista available that was significantly earlier than the build I was hoping for. Microsoft have provided build 5536 and although I’m aware that internal builds will always be a few ahead of what Microsoft lets us MVP’s take a look at; 5536 is significantly earlier than build 5700 demonstrated at Microsoft TechEd 2006 Australia and the associated Internet Explorer RC build that released earlier today. Below is a photograph … Continue reading Windows Vista Build 5536, Where’s 5700, Where’s 64-bit, Where’s the Windows SDK?

Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 Available

Today Microsoft released the first release candidate of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP SP2, could this be a sign that we should see a release candidate of Windows Vista soon? I suppose time will tell.  Internet Explorer 7.0 RC1 Given that the previous release of Internet Explorer 7.0 within Windows Vista Build 5472 was 7.0.5472.5 and the RC version is 7.0.5700.6 it would seem logical that the next build of Windows Vista that we see will be at least build 5700. Update 1:30PM PST – It appears that Windows Vista Build 5700 is a recent build of Windows Vista … Continue reading Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 Available

ADO.NET vNext August CTP Available

During the months preceding the release of Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 we were able to see the Whidbey release develop through the addition of CTP's (Community Technology Previews) to the traditional beta releases. Today Microsoft have made available a CTP release of the next generation of data access in the form of ADO.NET vNext which Pablo Castro introduced to many attendees at the recent Microsoft TechEd 2006 conference in Boston, MA. You can download the August CTP from the following link: ADO.NET vNext August CTP Channel 9 also contains an episode describing where Microsoft intends to … Continue reading ADO.NET vNext August CTP Available

CodePlex Project – CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics

Tonight I’ve just uploaded the latest alpha release of the CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics project which allows the publication of exceptions using the ASP.NET 2.0 provider design pattern. Within this update the associated SQL Server 2005 database creation script adds additional tables to store information regarding the AppDomains, Assemblies, and Threads associated with the exception(s) being published. In version the .pfx code signing key file was accidentally released with a password protecting it and this has been fixed with this release. FEEDBACK: Please provide feedback either through this blog or by using the discussion forums on the CodePlex website. Your feedback is important … Continue reading CodePlex Project – CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics

C# Distilled Code Snippet Library

Within Visual Studio 2005 the Visual C# team provides 37 code snippets that allow the C# programmer to accelerate writing several common code constructs such as constructors and properties. One of the more useful code snippets that is provided by the Visual C# team is the exception code snippet that simplifies the creation of custom exception types that inherit from the base System.Exception class. It would have been more useful however if the code snippet provided Xml comments for the methods defined within the newly created exception type, in addition to providing an override of the GetObjectData method and an … Continue reading C# Distilled Code Snippet Library

CodePlex Project – CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics

You’ve probably noticed that it has been a few weeks since my last blog posting here and that is largely due to the fact that I’ve been working on a open source project called CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics. While at Microsoft TechEd this year I got talking to the folks at the CodePlex area about the exciting things they were doing with exposing Microsoft Team Foundation Server through the Web for open source projects. Uploaded tonight, is the first version of the CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics framework which includes the main C# library project, unit testing project, database project, and associated setup project. Although you’ll need … Continue reading CodePlex Project – CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics