CodePlex Project – CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics

Today I've just uploaded the latest release of the CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics project which allows the publication of exceptions using the ASP.NET 2.0 provider design pattern. This release is likely to be the final Alpha release before the Beta and so it is important that you send me any feedback that you would like to see incorporated into the Beta and RTM builds.

In the last release the associated SQL Server 2005 database creation script added additional tables to store information regarding the AppDomains, Assemblies, and Threads associated with the exception(s) being published. In this release the database has been expanded to include tables to store information regarding the profile of the machine upon which the exception occurred. These are the Machine, Processor, and GraphicsProcessor tables.

In version the .pfx code signing key file was accidentally released with a password protecting it and this has been fixed with the last two releases.

FEEDBACK: Please provide feedback either through this blog or by using the discussion forums on the CodePlex website. Your feedback is important in developing this framework.

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