Intel Core 2 Quad

Just as many of us were getting used to using a dual-core processors within our notebooks and desktop machines those folks at Intel have been hard at work producing a new processor previously known by the Intel codename Kentsville. Kentsville, now known as the Core 2 Quad is based upon the Intel Core Microarchitecture and brings quad-core processing to the desktop. It is expected to be available in November and the word on the street is that you'll be able to order machines from the likes of Dell and HP beginning November 2nd 2006. Intel has indicated however that the … Continue reading Intel Core 2 Quad

Bug causes Microsoft to push Vista RTM to Nov. 8

The latest update on when to expect a copy of Microsoft Windows Vista RTM (release to manufacturing) is indicating that the RTM build will occur on November 8th. This is apparently after an unexpected bug was found in build 5824 on October 13th and subsequently fixed the following week in build 5840. As such the Windows Vista team now expects to release to manufacturing on November 8th. You can read more at the Computer World website.

Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP SP2 RTM (Build 5730) Available Now

Yesterday Microsoft released the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP SP2. Build 5730 can be downloaded from Internet Explorer 7 includes several notable changes from the previous release, including the tabbed layout and the inclusion of support for RSS feeds within the browser. Another welcome addition to the browser is a phishing filter which will warn the user if the site they are visiting is suspected to be fraudulent.

Windows Vista Build 5744 Released

Today Microsoft released what is expected to be the final build of Windows Vista before to leave Redmond before the final RTM (Release to Manufacturing) code. Windows Vista build 5744, like its predecessor build 5728, is built on the final RTM source code branch. I'm presently downloading this build and will post some screenshots later today. The previous build was very stable indeed and the performance characteristics were impressive. In fact the only reason I've not yet adopted build 5728 as my primary operating system on my laptop is that my Dell Wireless 5700 EVDO ExpressCard does not yet support Windows Vista, and unfortunately Dell … Continue reading Windows Vista Build 5744 Released

Windows Vista Build 5728 Released

Today Microsoft released Windows Vista build 5728 which is built on the final RTM source code branch and so this will prove to be an interesting build. Once I've installed it sometime tonight I'll blog about the build quality and any changes from previous builds that we've seen. It remains to be seen if this build will be provided to MSDN subscribers or not.

CodePlex Project – CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics

Today I've just uploaded the latest release of the CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics project which allows the publication of exceptions using the ASP.NET 2.0 provider design pattern. This release is likely to be the final Alpha release before the Beta and so it is important that you send me any feedback that you would like to see incorporated into the Beta and RTM builds. In the last release the associated SQL Server 2005 database creation script added additional tables to store information regarding the AppDomains, Assemblies, and Threads associated with the exception(s) being published. In this release the database has been expanded to include … Continue reading CodePlex Project – CSharpDistilled.Diagnostics

.NET Framework 3.0 Release Candidate

In addition to releasing the Release Candidate of Microsoft Windows Vista, this Friday also saw the release of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Release Candidate. Unlike previous releases of the .NET Framework version 3.0 does not introduce a new version of the Common Language Runtime; the CLR remains at version 2.0. The Microsoft .NET Framework introduces four new enhancements. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), previously known by the codename Indigo, introduces a new framework for the development of message based distributed architectures. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), previously known by the codename Avalon, introduces the next generation framework for the development of … Continue reading .NET Framework 3.0 Release Candidate

Windows Vista Release Candidate – Build 5600

Yesterday Microsoft made available to select testers the final Release Candidate for Microsoft Windows Vista. Windows Vista Build 5600 is from the Release Candidate source branch with build numbers 5400 to 5699, the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) code branch begins at Build 5700 which was recently seen at Microsoft TechEd 2006 down under in Australia. Continuing the improvements seen last week in Build 5536, the final Release Candidate is significantly faster than some of the earlier builds released outside Redmond. In Build 5472 though the Task Monitor could have its Opacity set which was a nice feature, however it seems … Continue reading Windows Vista Release Candidate – Build 5600

Microsoft WMI Code Creator 1.0

While working on the C# Distilled Diagnostics project which is available from the Microsoft CodePlex website, I began working on using WMI to establish the processor architecture of the machine where an exception was thrown. On Saturday morning I took my laptop down to Starbucks to discuss the project with a friend I knew while at Intel, he suggested that I take a look at Microsoft’s WMI Code Creator 1.0. Even if you don’t have a business need to know the voltage that your processor(s) are using or the amount of Level 2 Cache that the processor(s) have, I’d really … Continue reading Microsoft WMI Code Creator 1.0

Windows Vista Build 5536, Where’s 5700, Where’s 64-bit, Where’s the Windows SDK?

After connecting several times tonight to the Microsoft Connect website hoping to see a download of Windows Vista build 5700, it was a little less than exciting to see a new download of Windows Vista available that was significantly earlier than the build I was hoping for. Microsoft have provided build 5536 and although I’m aware that internal builds will always be a few ahead of what Microsoft lets us MVP’s take a look at; 5536 is significantly earlier than build 5700 demonstrated at Microsoft TechEd 2006 Australia and the associated Internet Explorer RC build that released earlier today. Below is a photograph … Continue reading Windows Vista Build 5536, Where’s 5700, Where’s 64-bit, Where’s the Windows SDK?