WinHEC 2006 – Windows Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2

At the Microsoft WinHEC 2006 conference in Seattle today, Microsoft announced the release of the Beta 2 milestone binaries for both Windows Vista (Build 5384), Windows “Longhorn” Server (Build 5384), and Office 2007. As I write this blog entry I’m downloading these binaries and will blog about the quality of these builds once I have had a chance to install them in the next day or so. One thing to note if you’re planning on testing Windows Vista on an x64 platform you’ll need a DVD burner capable of burning dual layer 8Gb DVD’s as the .iso image for the … Continue reading WinHEC 2006 – Windows Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2

Office 2007 User Interface

Jensen Harris of the Microsoft Office 2007 team has posted some screen shots of the kind of user interfaces we can all expect to be implementing after Microsoft ships the next version of Microsoft Office. According to his post we can also expect to see the applications that are part of Microsoft Office 2007 to support glass when running on Windows Vista with appropriate graphics hardware. A New Look For Office 2007