Windows Vista RTM Available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads

Microsoft last night made Windows Vista build 6000 (RTM) available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads and the Microsoft Connect website for those who have access. It has been a long time since the PDC in 2003 when many of us first heard about this new operating system, but it has been well worth the wait and contributing to the beta program was fun too.

Windows Vista Released to Manufacturing

It's finally happened; Microsoft has today released to manufacturing the latest version of the Windows operating system which has been in development for five long years. Windows Vista marks an important milestone for Microsoft and as Jim Allchin said "This is a good day … An hour ago we signed off [on the RTM build]. We're ready to ship". Keep an eye on the MSDN subscriber downloads as you'll likely see Windows Vista and Office 2007 there early next week. The MSDN subscriber downloads page today indicated that it would be down for upgrades late Friday. It's likely that Microsoft … Continue reading Windows Vista Released to Manufacturing

Bug causes Microsoft to push Vista RTM to Nov. 8

The latest update on when to expect a copy of Microsoft Windows Vista RTM (release to manufacturing) is indicating that the RTM build will occur on November 8th. This is apparently after an unexpected bug was found in build 5824 on October 13th and subsequently fixed the following week in build 5840. As such the Windows Vista team now expects to release to manufacturing on November 8th. You can read more at the Computer World website.

Windows Vista Build 5744 Released

Today Microsoft released what is expected to be the final build of Windows Vista before to leave Redmond before the final RTM (Release to Manufacturing) code. Windows Vista build 5744, like its predecessor build 5728, is built on the final RTM source code branch. I'm presently downloading this build and will post some screenshots later today. The previous build was very stable indeed and the performance characteristics were impressive. In fact the only reason I've not yet adopted build 5728 as my primary operating system on my laptop is that my Dell Wireless 5700 EVDO ExpressCard does not yet support Windows Vista, and unfortunately Dell … Continue reading Windows Vista Build 5744 Released

Windows Vista Release Candidate – Build 5600

Yesterday Microsoft made available to select testers the final Release Candidate for Microsoft Windows Vista. Windows Vista Build 5600 is from the Release Candidate source branch with build numbers 5400 to 5699, the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) code branch begins at Build 5700 which was recently seen at Microsoft TechEd 2006 down under in Australia. Continuing the improvements seen last week in Build 5536, the final Release Candidate is significantly faster than some of the earlier builds released outside Redmond. In Build 5472 though the Task Monitor could have its Opacity set which was a nice feature, however it seems … Continue reading Windows Vista Release Candidate – Build 5600

Windows Vista Build 5456 and .NET Framework 3.0 June CTP

Yesterday Microsoft released the June CTP of the newly renamed .NET Framework 3.0 which was previously known by the codename WinFX. You can download this CTP here:.NET Framework 3.0 June CTP Interestingly, this download page mentions that this CTP is intended only for users of Windows Vista Build 5456, Windows XP, or Windows 2003 Server. Those of you with a keen eye will notice that Windows Vista Beta 2 was build 5384, meaning that Microsoft must be about to release build 5456 to beta testers although it is unclear if this build will also be made available to MSDN subscribers. … Continue reading Windows Vista Build 5456 and .NET Framework 3.0 June CTP

WinHEC 2006 – Windows Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2

At the Microsoft WinHEC 2006 conference in Seattle today, Microsoft announced the release of the Beta 2 milestone binaries for both Windows Vista (Build 5384), Windows “Longhorn” Server (Build 5384), and Office 2007. As I write this blog entry I’m downloading these binaries and will blog about the quality of these builds once I have had a chance to install them in the next day or so. One thing to note if you’re planning on testing Windows Vista on an x64 platform you’ll need a DVD burner capable of burning dual layer 8Gb DVD’s as the .iso image for the … Continue reading WinHEC 2006 – Windows Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2

Windows Vista Build 5381

Windows Vista build 5381 was recently released to beta testers and although it is not due to be released as a CTP build on MSDN subscriber downloads, it appears to be one of the best builds of Windows Vista released to date. Below are several screen shots from the 64-bit version of Windows Vista build 5381 beginning with one showing the new desktop with several windows being tabbed between using the new tabbing feature (Windows Key + Tab), which makes use of the graphics capabilities of Windows Vista assuming you have an appropriate graphics card. Windows Vista now includes a … Continue reading Windows Vista Build 5381