Some MS NNTP tips

HOW TO Set Up and Configure an NNTP Virtual Server in Windows 2000

HOW TO Create an NNTP Virtual Server in the Internet Information Services
Snap-in in Windows 2000

HOW TO Administer, Start, and Stop an NNTP Server in Windows 2000

HOW TO Manage Newsgroups in Windows

XIMS How to Hide the Default Network News Transfer Protocol Control

Default Newsgroups Installed with NNTP Server



Matches: [0833-1234567-8888], [(0833)1234567-8888], [12345678]


I saw a WYSIWYG editor intorduction in Hong Jun,Guo’s WebLog ,its vary nice and professional. 
You can use htmlArea to:

  • Format text to be bold, italicized, or underlined.
  • Change the face, size and colour.
  • Left, centre, or right-justify paragraphs.
  • Make bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Indent or un-indent paragraphs
  • Insert a horizontal line.
  • Insert hyperlinks and images.
  • Insert tables
  • View the raw HTML source of what they’re editing.

You can also create your own buttons to insert custom blocks of HTML code and images.
More information see:
Online demo see:

First blog in

Just started to blog in and wanted to say thanks and extend a welcome to the visitors of my blog.
And i must say thankfulness for‘s administrator Susan,thanks for set up my blog.
My name is Wei Liu,i come from chinese,as a college student,my english is poor,so……:)