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I’ll never cease to be amazed . . .

. . . by what PCs I find in use and their condition.  From the general ‘found in use’ file:

A gateway Pentium 100 / Win95 / 32MB RAM / 4GB HD.  This PC was (and actually still is) being used for invoicing . . . nevermind that it’s slower than molasses in Januray, and it literaly takes >5 minutes for the monitor to display an image after it’s been turned on . . .

From the ‘Oh my God’ condition file:

A Toshiba Satellite laptop running WinXP Home that was so riddled with viri & malware that you could not gain access to any user session (not even Administrator in Safe Mode) . . . had to format & re-install.  Oh yeah, and this was a small mom & pop business, and ‘mom’ used this laptop to do bookkeeping – yep, you guessed it – all of the QuickBooks data on this puppy and no backup.  Luckily for them, the hard drive was still intact, so I was able to pull the HD and slave it into a PC to grab the QuickBooks data before reformatting.  And a note on the Toshiba Satellite notebooks – they’re not exactly designed to be worked on.  The only thing separating the hard drive in my Dell Inspiron 8200 from my hot little hands is a single screw.  On this Toshiba, it was 26 screws (which included removing the display) . . . Definitely not for the faint of heart . . .  :^)


  1. Kirk Munro

    Dude, did you change something with your RSS feed? NewsGator has only grabbed the headings for the last two posts. I only came over to see if the posts were in fact empty.

  2. David R. Hibbeln

    Well, and I thought it was just that the feed did not want to cross the delaware to NJ…

  3. Chad

    Yes – I’ve been experimenting with the blog lately. Susan just recently upgraded the blogs here at msmvps.com to version .95 of .Text, and as a result we have some additional functionality, skins, etc.

    I have a few websites built on DotNetNuke, and it’s always been slightly annoying that the built-in RSS feed reader in DNN shows the entire post instead of just the subject and a brief description. So I was experimenting with an option where the entire post isn’t included in the xml . . . and apparently that isn’t the best idea :^) So I guess it’s back to bugging the DNN guys to get a better feed reader . . . :^)

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