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I love my job!

And that is in no small part due to SBS.  There’s nothing better than getting a customer excited about SBS – to see grown adults ooh & ahh and ask all the right questions . . .

Case in point:  we recently did a network upgrade for a new client.  We replaced their Novell NetWare 3.12 server & Win98 desktops with SBS2k3 Premium, XP Pro desktops & Office 2k3 Pro, and the client is loving every minute.  The users were familiar with Outlook, but only as a stand-alone POP3 client.  When we did our post-install training and went into the functionality available in Outlook when paired with Exchange, it was almost like throwing candy to kids.  These were real end users who were genuinely excited at the prospect of sharing calendars, contacts & tasks (and a few managers thrilled with the ability to assign tasks :^)  Everyone dove right in to most of the advanced Outlook functionality, and they’re loving it.  The one spot where they’re still a little slow to pick up is the remote access (although that’s starting to come around).  The surprising gem was Sharepoint – they’ve caught on to that right away – we’ve migrated their shared project lists that were previously stored in Excel workbooks to Sharepoint lists, and they’re starting to upload various project files as well.  And I have to admit that I love the Help Desk feature of the default Companyweb . . . It’s perfect for us consultants – it allows the users to log any questions / issues / requests they may have and not have to worry about having to remember those little issues when we’re on site next.  Besides giving us a task list to work from and have a ‘heads up’ before we get on site, it also gives us the opportunity to build better relationships with our clients – especially when we get a Help Desk request with a simple solution – it gives us the chance to pick up the phone to walk the user through resolving the issue, and take the time to ask about the kids, etc.

SBS rocks for several reasons – for the customer, it can’t be beat in terms of features, price, ROI & TCO.  For the consultant / partner, it provides the tools for us to deliver a solution to our clients that consistently exceeds their expectations, and provides the tools & technologies to provides an amazing level of personalized support.  I couldn’t imagine doing what we do for our clients with regular Windows server . . .

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  1. Tom Steinman

    It is amazing that more people do not know about SBS. It is our biggest seller and our clients just love the features and the price. Many of the consultants in our area sell their clients full windows with full Exchange, full SQL and other full versions when they are not needed. On our networks we go with ML350’s running SBS and it works great. It is one of the main reasons that we beat many bids of other companies.

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