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MS Security Hands-on Lab — Part 2

Well, first and foremost – this definitely isn’t SBS-sized . . .  but still decent.  My only gripe so far is that while these labs give you step by step instructions to implement certain configurations, they don’t tell you WHY you’re doing it . . . call me crazy, but tell me what the security implications are of not doing xxx, etc . . .   Oh well, what should I expect from a free one day lab??  

And Susan – just for you:   Lab #2 – Exercise #1 – Task #15  shows you how to disable the LanMan Hash  :^)


  1. Thomas Lee

    I’ve taught a number of these HOLs and I have some sympathy for what you’re saying. I could point out that the whole point of these days is to get "Hands On" – rather than to learn the theory. Bus as to expectations, you are probably right – you should not expect more from a free one day’s Hand On Lab aside from a day’s hands-on lab time.

    I hope that despite it all, it was not a wasted day!


  2. Susan

    Now that’s an idea for SBS Hack presenation at SMBnation 😉

  3. Chad

    Tom – it was not a wasted day (although I did sneak out early) . . . there’s always a few little gems in the lab workbook that seem to be the missing piece in a bigger puzzle that I’m working on. Of course, part of the problem is that I’m terrible about sitting there thinking about everything else I could & should be doing . . . :^)

  4. Thomas Lee

    My firm is a training provider – so I have a slightly biased point of view.

    Microsoft have spent a small fortune pushing out the security message this year. The BCC programme has resulted in hundreds of thousands of folks getting the security message. This will continue and I look forward to the next wave of content.

    The good news is that it is free – and some of it is really rather good. But it’s only a start. If you want to really get up to speed on security – it takes more than a few hours, or a few click-ercises to do that.

    Taking up Susan’s point – I’d love to so a session on Security for SMB Nation!!

  5. Chad

    Trust me, you’re preaching to the choir when it comes to getting the security message out :^)

    What I think would be most beneficial for the smallbiz customer / consultant is a one-day HOL that walks through the top x things that can be done to secure their network – and the program should think small – single site, single server, etc. How many small businesses that are truly in need of this kind of security training need to set up a bastion host? or need to set up separate AD OUs for their DHCP, DNS, File & Print servers?

    Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t meant to discredit or discount the HOL I attended, or the training center or the materials – it fulfills its own space. I’m just saying that right now, there isn’t something like this for the people in the smallbiz space who really need it. We need a lab that does everything from demonstrates why Win9x is insecure, shows how to set password policies, shows how to set security & share permissions, how to lock down desktops, etc. And the kicker – it needs to put these tasks into context. Start off with talking about the problem, then discuss the solution, then show the class how to implement the solution . . . .

    But then again, I have a tendency to ask for a lot . . . :^)

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